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5 best AC Brand in India for your Household in 2020 

Air, one of the essential components that humans have to live with, is always a hot topic throughout the world. Whether it be the rise of temperature in the atmosphere or the pollution’s exponential rise in the environment, we all see topics revolving around Air. In India, it can be said without a single shred of doubt that this factor of Air pollution is on an all-time rise; especially, in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, etc. Some of the cities face this issue due to the extensive use of automotive vehicles while others have to face due to the factories around the city. This all brings us to one machine that is considered to be very important in modern days. Air Purifiers have been an essential part of our life.

Not only it provides us with a pleasant household environment but it also helps us to keep our bodies free from any toxic gases. That is why the rise in the purchase of air purifiers in recent years was dramatically high. And, with this, came the endless manufacturers and their models of Air purifier, where every company claimed to be the best. In order to ensure that you as a customer purchase the best model of air purifiers in the market, we are here to offer you the 5 best Air Purifiers in India. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is an Air Purifier?

As this is one of the latest trending machines in India, not everyone knows about the entire list of benefits that Air purifiers offer. So, basically speaking, Air purifier is a system in which the internal fans of the machines pulls in the air from its surrounding in the household. It filters the air in its complex mechanism and removes airborne particles and other particulates from the air.

Once the air is free from any sort of bacteria, dust, or pollen, it circulates the air in the room. This is why Air purifiers are getting a place in almost every household as the pollution stats and other air-based particles are high in volume these days.

What is the importance of Air Purifier?

Air purifier is the best solution that can save you and your family from all kinds of pollution created due to growing traffic, firecrackers, crop burnings, Industries, Population etc. Some years back, China was considered to be the most polluted county on the globe. But, with fresh Industries bring setup in India and the trend of mono-riders on the roads, India has claimed the title of being the most polluted country in the world. And, as the outdoor surrounding being so polluted, our Indoors are also affected because of this.

Air purifiers not only allow a household with clean air but also make it free from dust particles and bacterial components that travel via Air in our houses. This helps everyone in the household but those who suffer from lung issues or Asthma get a great aid with the help of this machine.

Best Air Purifiers in India

As now we have a solid idea as to what Air Purifiers are and its importance, here are the top 5 Air Purifiers in India that you can go for in case you are looking to purchase one.

Phillips High-Efficiency Air Purifier with VitaShield Intelligent Purification – 3000 series

Phillips is one of the best brands when it comes to household machines. From vacuum clears to Lighting solutions, they are the leaders in every section they are associated with. Phillips High Efficiency 3000 series offers a great package of features.

This air purifier offers some of the latest technological attachments such as AeraSense and VitaShield. Apart from these, these models offer some of the best hardware accessories as well such as NanoProtect Hepa Filters, UI sensor touch feature etc.

This air purifier delivers up to 393 cubic metres of fresh air per hour. This is why it is considered perfect for a space of 95 square metres. Also, the sleep mode feature that it offers makes it ideal for the room of kids as well as elders.


  • Sleep mode helps in keeping the noise zero
  • Automatically turns on/off saving energy
  • Durable and long-lasting filters
  • Certified by Airmid, AHAM and ECARF


  • The price of this Air purifier is slightly higher than other

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Model DP04

This Air purifier is considered as one of the most powerful models in the India Market currently. This title has been earned by this air purifier due to the fact that it is capable of trapping up to 99.99% allergens up to the size as tiny as 0.1 micron.

Dyson Pure Cool offer clean air up to 290 cubic metres per hour. The fact that it can be linked with mobile air and can be controlled remotely makes it perfect for household who prefer the usage of IoT based appliances.

This air purifier can remove a great variety of pollutants such as PM 10, VOC, PM 2.5 and NO2. It updates quickly every 12 secs automatically which makes it easier for it to shut down when the usage is not required.


  • Bluetooth as well as Wifi Compatible
  • Air vents can rotate making it extremely handy
  • It is perfect for rooms up to 600 square feet


  • High Price is the only con of this Air purifier

Mi Air Purifier 2S

Mi is one of the brands which is taking the world by storm in terms of mobiles as well as home appliances. The Mi Air Purifier is no exception in terms of being amazing as a product. This Mi Air Purifier 2S comes in 2 modes: Basic model and the Alexa Echo Dot technology-enabled model.

It offers a lovely OLED display using which you can easily track the usage and modes which is currently working on the purifier. This machine allows the user to keep the constant check on the surrounding environment and can provide the PM 2.5 level easily.

Apart from the fact that it can maintain a constant PM 2.5 level in the environment, it offers 310 m3 per hour. Also, it offers a 3-layered filtration which ensures that dirt, dust and hair are not in the surrounding.


  • Offers a Night mode feature
  • Silent operation
  • Best for closed rooms
  • Efficient functioning and energy saving


  • Cleaning the filters of the device is complex

Honeywell Air Touch i8

Air purifiers are relatively new in India and Honeywell is a name that becomes quite popular here just because they adapted to the features of the Indian subcontinent. These purifiers offer an amazing CADR which is of 300m3 per hour.

It is constructed with vents on all the sides which make it great as it supports all-round clean air. The 3D airflow helps in the circulation of clean air all around the room or hall. It helps the clean air to reach every corner of the space it is in.

The purifier is energy efficient and most of all, it is tested and approved that the minimum time the filter of this purifier works is nothing less than 9 months.


  • Energy efficient
  • Can clean a normal-sized room in not more than 10 mins
  • The filters in the machine have a life of approx 3000+ hours


  • No sleep mode so can be a bit noisy

Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

Coway is another global brand that focuses on quality and is well-known for its affordable models which are available in India. The models of this brand are visually-pleasing and the best part about these is that they will look good in a room that is themed or designed in a certain manner.

This model offers some of the best hardware accessories as well such as NanoProtect Hepa Filters, UI sensor touch feature, etc. Moreover, it also has the power to eliminate harmful micro PM 2.5 particles. Also, it has a Urethane carbon filter which makes the working of this air purifier efficient and makes the room odor-free.

Final Verdict

Till now, you would have almost narrowed down your options in terms of which brand you should be going for. This list of best Air Purifiers in India has provided you with 5 best options to go with. We have ourselves tried, tested, and reviewed products of these brands, and hence you can with any of these brands without much thought.

The only con of these brands is that sometimes getting customer service takes a bit of time as the number of consumers of these brands is high. So, if you have any queries, questions, or comments regarding your next purchase of Air Purifiers then do let us know in the comments below.

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