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5 best AC Brand in India for your Household in 2020 

Air conditioners are one of the most important commodities of our lifestyle these days. The reason behind it is that it not only offers us comfort but also is getting amazing upgrades every other year. In India, if you are looking for a new AC for your home, chances are that you will end up in unending oblivion of models and AC brands in India. There are so many options that this list of Best AC brands in India will help you to find the perfect product for your home this summer.

We worked our ways around a lot of AC brands in India and have picked some of the creams of the crop. This list of the best companies for AC in India will help you to choose your favourite brand and also, you will be able to decide the best product accordingly. In case, you have already picked a favourite, then still there are a whole lot of cheap and best ACs in India. So, make sure that you go through the entire list as you might end up making some other AC brand your favourite because of its features.

5 Cheap and Best AC brands in India

Here is a compiled list of 5 best selling AC brands in India. Have a look as you might find a brand that is better and more affordable for you than your current favorite. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

  1. LG: LG produces some of the best AC in India. This company is one of the most reliable brands in terms of household electronics in India.
  2. Blue Star: Blue Star is known for its specialization in the manufacturing of Refrigerators and Air Conditioners. This is an Indian brand that makes the brand even better as they manufacture their products while keeping in mind the Indian atmosphere.
  3. Voltas: Voltas is another Indian company that has proven its worth in the field of home appliances manufacturing.
  4. Daikin: When it comes to providing cheap and Best ACs in India there is no other brand that can beat Daikin at their game.
  5. Hitachi: Hitachi is undoubtedly one of the best companies for AC in India. This brand is known for its durability and popularity among Indian Households.

These 5 brands are the Best Selling AC Brand in India. Surely, there are a whole lot of brands which are getting popular these days, but the fact that the above-mentioned brands are more durable and pocket-friendly than the others makes them exceptional.

1. LG

LG 1 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split AC (Copper, LS-H12VNXD, White, Comfort Air)
  • ACs available in best price ranges
  • Top-notch customer service and After-sale support
  • Brand with most models in the 4 and 5-star range
  • Service available in almost every city across India
  • AC models with premium features

LG is known across the globe for its manufacturing of a plethora of home appliances as well as electronic devices in general. This South Korean company is a Multinational Electronics Company which offers a wide range of electronic products such as, Mobile devices, Home appliances, Televisions and even Vehicle Components.

The company has gradually improved its standing in recent years and have earned their spot as the best AC brand in India. Their recent technological advancement in the field of Air-Conditioners has enabled them to produce models with extensive cooling technology which is suitable for every region of India.

2. Blue Star

Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper IC512DATU White)
  • Reliable and Long-Lasting products
  • Machines equipped with some of the latest technologies
  • Quality of the ACs’ premium
  • After-sale Service is amazing

With annual global revenue of 4,600 crore INR in 2019, Blue star has been deemed as one of the best AC companies in India. Their latest AC models are fitted with some of the best technological upgrades such as Precision Cooling Technology.

Their models are not only perfect in terms of keeping indoors cool and comfy at a constant temperature throughout but also, the durability on these machines is exceptional. This Indian brand has spread its wings across the globe and it has also reclaimed global recognition in terms of AC manufacturing.

3. Voltas

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper 183VCZS White)
  • Best in terms of Electricity saving
  • Many service centres available across India
  • The price range of Voltas ACs is vast
  • Powerful Air-conditioners with premium features

From being loved by the households of India, Voltas quickly rose their standing in the global market also. This was only possible thanks to their research and development in terms of minimizing electricity consumption and making their machines greener.

This company has won a great number of awards for manufacturing the Best ACs in India. In the year 2013 as well as 2015, Voltas won the Award of best AC in India in the category of ‘Manufacturers of BEE Star Labelled Appliances’ which is won by just a handful of international brands.

4. Daikin

Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper FTKP50TV White)
  • Best brand for Split ACs
  • Excellent performance and durable machines
  • Award-winning After-sale support
  • Continuous development of amazing technologies
  • Budget-friendly machines for household usage

Japanese Brands are always trust-worthy regardless of whatever field they are into. Daikin is no exception, as they manufacture one of the best AC models in India. They are the inventor of the Refrigerant Volume System, commonly known as VRV.

Daikin offers a whole lot of AC models in India which earns their name as one of the best companies for AC in India. If you are looking for a Split Air-conditioner then skipping Daikin is not such a great idea.

5. Hitachi

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Gold)
  • Long-Lasting devices
  • Effective and powerful machines
  • Air-conditioners with updated technology
  • Energy-efficient ACs

Hitachi is one of the best brands for AC in India since 1930. Being another Japanese company, the trust-worthiness of this brand is well-known. Apart from Air-Conditioners, Hitachi produces a variety of products such as Construction Machinery, Home Appliances, Defence Systems, and LCDs etc. Thus, the features provided by Hitachi are some of the best and most unique.

This brand is popular for its fast cooling and stabilizer free operation. The fact that it can easily work between 130V to 300V without any stabilizer proves their claim of being a brand that produces cheap and best AC in India.

Final Verdict

Till now, you would have almost narrowed down your options in terms of which brand you should be going for. This list of best AC Brands in India has provided you with 5 best options to go with. We have ourselves tried, tested and reviewed products of these brands and hence you can with any of these brands without much thought.

One of the only con of these brands is that sometimes getting customer service takes a bit of time as the number of consumers of these brands is high. So, if you have any queries, questions, or comments regarding your next purchase of Air-Conditioners then do let us know in the comments below.

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