Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020


Spayee is my top choice since it’s first online course platform in India which is addressing the problems of Indian educators like no one else. That being said, Spayee provides an ultimate course dashboard which is more centred around the multimedia courses, engagement features & marketing tools. Spayee supports online live lectures to more than 100 students at a time. This is the best platform to sell courses because it’s content are encrypted and the platform has multi-level security. 

It has a fabulous support team, has SEO friendly course platform, access codes, International Payment Support as well as Affiliate Program to make money online for influences.

Not just that, Spayee also helps you launch your online study apps for thousands of learners. 


Udemy is a course marketplace for online course selling. It has 80000+ courses and 23+ million students which makes it both good & bad for your online course business. Students can learn anything ranging from Web design, social media marketing, to programming, data science, or anything.

Creating a course in udemy dashboard is an easy process. You get all the required tools to create an online course, import your tutorials from the google drive, and most of the online cloud storages.

However, udemy takes 50% of your sales, if they promote your course and get learners for you. This is a huge cut. Not just that, you can’t create a brand for yourself or create sales funnel.

Udemy for online course selling is for the ones who are apprehensive to make their own site, or for the ones who need to spare some money. Udemy has a spotlight on offering video courses. You can transfer other course materials like PDFs & sound. 


As a part of the explanation, Thinkific’s appearance is nice as compared to the competition. In fact, you do not need to mess with any code if you want to use it as it is. That being said, your content is organized with an easy to use drag and drop editor. You can stack the course content as well as move it around vertically.

Thinkific also has some nice benefits in terms of its valuation layout. You can begin your course for free of charge and pay as a revenue cut. This is something that competitors like Tecahable do not offer. However the other 3 plans are softened in a very logical fashion.


Ruzuku is yet another online course selling platform which I can say is filled with good options. To begin with, the course management is simple & fast. You can upload the media files as the course content for selling to your customers. You can also facilitate your learners to track their achievements throughout their course life. They can talk with other students within the community via forum.

You can integrate third party tools like MailChimp, to automate emails. It doesn’t have Indian payment gateway integration support which makes it difficult if you want to sell to an Indian audience.

Choose the best course platform for your online education business.

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